Dear New York...

We love you. We’ve missed you. And as we look to the future, we are dreaming about what you can become.

While your skyscrapers still stand and your subways still hum, we know deep down you’ve undergone profound, palpable change.

We’ve missed you for your crowded sidewalks, your traffic jams, your diverse and ever-changing spirit.

But as you rebuild, we’re also hopeful for your future: a city of renewed vibrancy, equality, and strength.

To memorialize this moment, this is a space to share our memories and our hopes—lamenting what has been lost, and imagining what you can become.

A project by Pentagram:
Giorgia Lupi with Talia Cotton, Phil Cox,
Ting Fang Cheng and Sarah Kay Miller

I missed you for...

I hope you will become...

I missed you for

I hope you will become